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Friday, October 6, 2023


Mrs Blumer 10:30-11:00

Third Grade 11:15-11:45

First Grade 12:00-12:30

Second Grade 12:45-1:15

Kindergarten 1:30-2:00

Fourth Grade 2:15-2:45

Color Run 2022

Credit: Mary Carter Photography

The COLOR RUN is BACK! The students had a blast during the 2022 color run and raised a whole lot of money for their school while doing it. A portion of money raised last year went towards purchasing the new turf for the playground. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out we highly suggest you do–it turned out better than we could ever have imagined! The money raised will again go towards funding new outdoor learning areas and support our in-school programs like the Cincinnati Zoo, COSI, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, visits from Authors and Illustrators, and so much more.  


The color run is a fun way to promote a healthy lifestyle for our students and community. Please help us reach our fundraising goal by supporting our Color Run. We have again teamed up with Get Movin’© to make this event fun and profitable with online mobile-friendly technology! 

THANK YOU to our business sponsors
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Get Movin' in 3 Easy Steps


First, register your Child by visiting the Fund Hub website. It's free, easy, and fast to register!  For School Identifier use 5d2de8db8b33b.

We need 100% of students to be registered, and each one will receive a spirit stick!


Next, email and/or text your child's student fundraising webpage with friends and family.  Be sure to share on social media! If anyone has questions about what the money is being used for, you can send them to our programs and projects page that explains how the money is used for students at KME


New this year:  Color powder cups! The volunteers had an incredible time tossing color powder on the students as they ran their laps. We thought you might want in on the action! Families can now participate in the fun and purchase cups of color powder to toss on their child during the color run!

Please note that cups are NOT available for sale on the day of event so you must pre-order by 9/25! If you would like to send in cash to school, click here to download the flyer and form.  


Volunteers are needed for this event to be successful! This is the perfect opportunity to come out and support KME, have fun, and fulfill your 2-hour pledge!  

Click here to sign up!

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